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Excellence and passion with a Spanish essence

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Sara Navarro

Talent is a combination of genius and constancy. When creativity, a sense of identity, a spirit of innovation, loyalty to a set of values and respect for your own work and the work of your team combine, the individual person transcends the company and the brand, creating a unique and recognisable universe.  In the world of fashion and trends, getting-there is a challenge, standing-out is a demonstration of excellence and staying-on-top is a balancing act. Sara Navarro continues to do so every single day from her own particular factory of dreams, where the magic you see is an outcome of that other magic that emanates both from ideas as well as from the heart.

Excellence and passion with a Spanish essence.

Brand identity

Only Sara Navarro makes scented shoes for women, a sensorial experience unique in the world. Her corporate cherry colour represents the energy and the passion conveyed by her creations, shoes designed so that the woman wearing them feels that they are her accomplices at the most significant moments of her life. A one-of-a-kind woman who walks with elegance and a firm step, expressing a charismatic charm which Sara Navarro interprets with her own personality. This is why her brand is recognised internationally as a reference of excellence in luxury footwear and accessories.


Brides, bridesmaids from the world over choose wedding shoes by Sara Navarro, formal sandals and booties elegantly scented with essence of orange blossom. These exclusive shoes are made in brocades, lace and pearlescent leather, with exquisite ornamental details of a romantic style. Designs delicately conceived for “building a road of happiness”.


Jewel accessories and luxury footwear for women seeking elegance, sophistication, femininity and fantasy. Open-heel shoes, sandals and peep toes with artisanal finishing touches and scented with the fragrance of cherries, an emotional plus offered by Sara Navarro in her enchanting designs. These shoes are the “ideal accomplices for those moments when a woman wants to shine and triumph”.


Colours, materials and designs combine in line with the most forward-looking design trends, interpreted with Sara Navarro’s unique and personal touch. Designs with a cosmopolitan air, very feminine and comfortable, perfect for a daytime event or an early evening cocktail. Pumps, button-up shoes and clutch bags. Ideal accessories for being the centre of attention.


The indispensable footwear models reinterpreted as pumps, sandals and peep toes, with a palette of neutral and basic colours: Black, nude, taupe, in addition to the cherry and gold, characteristic of the firm, and scented with a cherry fragrance.

A brand with a Spanish soul

Sara Navarro became a brand in 1979 within the business group “Komfort Spain, S.L.”.
Owned by the Navarro family, who founded the company in 1946, this saga has been dedicated to the traditional footwear industry concentrated in Elda (Alicante) for more than half a century.

The excellence, quality and comfort of the Sara Navarro creations are values which were immediately recognised by the fashion sector, which received the designer’s models as reference accessories in a highly competitive market.

The company began its international expansion in 1989, with a presence in the principal exhibitions and fairs held in Paris, Milan and London, becoming consolidated at the same time on the runways of the Cibeles (Madrid) and Gaudí (Barcelona) fashion weeks.

In 1990, cherry red became the emblematic colour of the brand and of all of the soles of its shoes.

International projection

Sara Navarro has had great success in conquering the international market thanks to her innovative spirit and intuitive creativity, setting a trend with its own identity. She has worked with designers of the stature of John Galliano or Martine Sitbon.

Her definitive immersion in the world scenario occurred in the early 90’s, with the launch of a ground-breaking line that positioned the brand firmly in the international market. Today, her collections of shoes and accessories are found at the most exclusive points of sale of Europe and America, and their expansion to other emerging luxury markets has already begun.

A brand with a meaning

The logo of the brand symbolises the fusion between a dragon and a mermaid, a representation of the masculine and the feminine. A counterposition between strength and subtlety, the conscious and unconscious, the vital world and the world of dreams, action compared to sentiment, the body and the soul.

The “S” and the “N” are interlaced like the union of two parts that seek each other eternally.