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Sara Navarro

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Sara Navarro

Family essence

Sara Navarro belongs to the third generation of a family of artisans and industrialists in the footwear business of the city of Elda, in Alicante, an area traditionally concerned with this sector. She created her own brand under her name in July 1979, contributing to the family business her spirit of design, vanguard and creativity.

For a number of years she has managed her own company, SarahWorld, which includes two complementary lines of footwear:

  • Sara Navarro “Zapatos Perfumados” [Scented Shoes]: Exclusive models scented with a cherry or orange blossom fragrance. With their Wedding, Evening, Season and Emblematics lines.
  • SarahWorld Eco-Cool / Eco-Chic: Urban designs with a green friendly spirit, a reflection of responsible consumerism and a commitment to the planet.

Multidisciplinary and international educational background

After completing her studies in psychology, art, design and languages, Sara Navarro began her professional career as the designer of her own brand, at only 21 years of age. In 1987, after having won a number of awards, the Spanish government granted her a scholarship for undertaking studies in Milan for the prestigious Master’s degree of the Domus Academy directed by Gianfranco Ferré.


The designer has received awards of outstanding relevance in recognition of her career success, including the FEDEPE Award to the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2002 and the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts 2005.

Likewise, she holds other awards acknowledging her work. The following stand out among the most recent:

  • Silver Star of the Community of Madrid (2014)
  • Jerte Valley Gold Cherry (2014)
  • Solidarity Heart of the Tejerina Foundation (2014)

In addition, she is the President of AMMDE (Asociación Madrileña de Mujeres Directivas y Empresarias – Madrid Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs). This is a not-for-profit organisation which promotes equal opportunities for women in the working world and their appointment to senior management positions and Boards of Directors.