Three generations

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The 40's

The Navarro family workshop, “Calzados Oriente,” is born. A modest space with ten workers, the production of footwear at this time is 100% handmade.

The 50's

Thanks to the tireless efforts of an incredibly enthusiastic family, the small operation grows to employ more than thirty artisans.

The 60's

Spain’s economic development facilitated the shop’s continued growth into a small factory. The creation of a brand, combined with a tv advertising campaign, resulted in soaring sales.

It was the first shoemaker in Spain to utilize a celebrity for endorsement in a tv commercial, actress and model Teresa Gimpera.

The 70's

The small factory grows into a large company using state of the art technologies. A new production center is built, visted by Spanish royalty, and recognized as the most symbolic brand of its industry.

The orginal operation of ten people has now grown to more than one hundred employees.

The 80's

The company expands to include new and modern lines to complement the traditional designs. The introduction of Sara Navarro, Kurboys, and Oriente brands ensure the evolution and relevance of the company.

The 90's

This is the decade of going international and collaborating with the world of fashion.

The Sara Navarro brand gains prestige worldwide, and the collection is carried by the most exclusive stores in more than thirty countries.

The 00's

Sara Navarro is recognized as a leader in the industry, and receives numerous awards, including the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 2004.

The company expands to include Sarahworld, an eco-cool eco-chic line intended for international distribution. Being the digital era, a new channel for sales emerges in online sales.

The 10's

A new sales strategy, e-commerce, emerges and opens potential new market segments.

Sara Navarro is firmly positioned as the leader in the Spanish luxury shoe sector with a commitment to excellence embedded in the label “Made in Spain.” Exclusive collections include an international style and a very select distribution.